HN 531 Assingment 8

For this Assignment, imagine you are a consultant for a nonprofit  organization. You may create a fictional program/organization or you can  select a current existing program at your agency/organization. As the  consultant, you will create a presentation outlining a plan to measure  the effectiveness of the organization.Your presentation will describe Impact Program Evaluation and the  various research designs. Additionally, you will assist the organization  in understanding the pros and cons of each design and (based on their  program) provide an explanation of the best option for program  evaluation.As explained in Chapter 11 of your text, there are common threats to  internal validity preventing organizations from acquiring the accurate  data needed to effectively plan and improve a program. Describe and  discuss the seven threats to internal validity to the organization’s  program. Include in the presentation a description of ways in which the  organization is vulnerable to these threats and provide methods to  prevent these internal threats to validity.Provide appropriate citations and references in APA format when  utilizing the text and scholarly sources in your presentation. Your  Assignment should include a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation, not  including the title and reference slides. Please keep text on the slide  uncluttered and to the point, and use the notes area to provide a script  of what would be said during an actual presentation. Refer to  the Assignment Rubric under Course Resources to ensure that you have  covered all of the expectations for the presentation. Your  presentation should be written in Standard English, clear, concise, and  include minimal errors. If you need writing assistance, contact the  Writing Center.

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