How Does Society Mourn the Loss of a Public Figure?

How Does Society Mourn the Loss of a Public Figure?Identify a public figure whose death you remember. Give some background on this individual. This individual can be a politician, religious leader, entertainer, or other prominent individual.Describe the public mourning ritual that surrounded this person’s death.Do you have flashbulb memories— very clear, detailed memories—of the time, place, and circumstances of the death.Did the public figure’s image change after death?How is theanniversaryof the death memorialized?Were you surprised at the depth of your grief or the grief of others at the loss of the public figure? Why or why not?Due Date-Wednesday, December 8th before 11:59 pm EST.  Point value-10 pts.The answer to each DB must be at least 250 words – that is the minimum required to fully answer the questions. Each answer must demonstrate critical thinking and writing at a college level. Good grammar and spelling are important. The answer must completely address all issues raised in the activity description and information from another source must be cited in APA format. Responses to classmates must be at least 3-4 sentences and must demonstrate that you have read the posting. Merely saying “good point” or “I agree” will not earn any response points.

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