Answer this question first and then make a PowerPoint Presentation from it.

5-6 references and in-text citation should be included as well in the PowerPoint presentation

1. Answer this

For this task, you have to deliver a PowerPoint presentation. During the presentation, you have to explain as how to and what necessary actions will you undertake under the following situations.

  1. Working in accordance with organizational policies, how will you write and agree on performance improvement and development plans.
  2. Where appropriate, how will you seek assistance from human resources specialists?
  3. How will you provide recognition and continuous feedback to reinforce excellence in performance?
  4. How will you monitor individuals, coach those demonstrating poor performance, counsel individuals who continue to perform below expectations, and implementing the disciplinary process.
  5. How and what kind support services will you provide?
  6. Where serious misconduct occurs or ongoing poor-performance continues, what necessary actions will you undertake before and while terminating staff in accordance with legal and organizational.

2. PowerPoint Presentation

13 slides including the references at the end of the slide

Headings should be the following in slides.

  • Performance and Improvement development plan
  • Assistance from HR
  • Provide recognition and continuous feedback
  • Counsel employee with poor performance
  • Implementation of Disciplinary process
  • Types of support services
  • Necessary actions before terminating staff
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