Human development class Discussion

First, please watch the video from the book in Section LO 10.11 called Marriage and Love Relationships Across Cultures.  It is really interesting.  You can find it by linking in the e-text.Then, interview your parent(s) and/or grandparent(s) about dating, courtship, and marriage practices when they were young adults. If you do not have access to their own parents or grandparents, then find another person or couple who were born in the same time period to interview. Please select someone who is considerably different in age from you.  Consider asking how they first met, how their parents reacted to the news they would marry (or not!), what dating was like, what the role of the male verses the female was, what was considered to be appropriate, etc.Present your findings and your own comments for your first post.  Please summarize your findings in paragraph form. In other words, please do NOT type up your whole interview (meaning you type what you asked and exactly what they answered.  Please organize your paragraphs well and edit carefully.  Also, please don’t forget your own comments on what you learned.Citing Guidelines:If you refer to materials in the readings, you MUST provide an APA style reference.  Be sure you have a reference in-text AND at the end.  Be sure you provide a page number and use quotations if you do not put material completely in your own words.   Here’s a reminder on how to cite your book:Citing Your TextTo cite an interview, cite it as a personal communication.  Here’s a reminder on how to do it:How to Cite An Interview In APA Style (It’s easy!)

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