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Case Study #3
Mrs. Cantastri is worried about her son, Manual.  She tells you that he seems to have trouble concentrating in school and that the teachers have told her he is “a daydreamer.”  He is falling further and further behind in his studies and the mother is wondering if her son is reacting to the recent death of his father in a construction accident.  She asks you if you have seen it on the news or in the newspaper.  She says, “He was working on the big sewer project down in Littsville, and the walls of the trench fell in on him.  All his close buddies were there, trying to dig him out.  It was all over the news.”  She begins to cry.  What do you do?

(1) What do you see as the initial concern(s)?

(2) Do you need any further information?  If so, explain what and why.

(3) With the information that you have at this point, what would be your first step or next step in working with this client?  Explain why you have chosen this step.

(4) What do you see as potential challenges in working with this client?   This case study review should be 3-7 pages in length.

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