HUS311 Methods Of Social Res

Article Critique – (10%) Students will write a 2 page critical summary of a peer-reviewed journal article. The article should be on a topic in the Human Services that interests the student. Select a journal from the social sciences like Human Service Education, a journal of the National Organization for Human Services. Other suggested journals may come from the professions of social work, psychology, sociology, political science, criminal justice, or health care. EBSCO is a good source for choosing social science journals when students do their library research. The journal chosen should contain quantitative research papers on subjects pertaining to Human Services. The students should be able to read an analysis of empirical data according to the scientific method. The critique should include an analysis of the research design, methodology, statistic chosen, ethical issues that may be present, and results of the research04:57That is the link can you do it04:58 pay I you going to do it05:00Hello05:01Is the link related to this assignment?05:01A

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