I have an English Literature questions

201. Into how many periods can we divide Chaucer’s works?

(a) Two – French and English

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(b) Three – French, English and Italian

(c) Four – French, English, Italian and Latin

(d) One – English only

202. Who in Shakespeare’s Hamlet mumbles a song from the “Book of Songs and Sonnets” known as Total’s Miscellany ?

(a) Hamlet himself

(b) One of the two clowns, a grave-digger

(c) Polonius

(d) Gertrude

203. Name the castle where Spenser lived and finished the first three books of Fairy Queen.

(a) Leicester House

(b) Kilcolman

(c) Lord Grey’s Castle

(d) Harvey House

204. William Shakespeare was born on

(a) 26 April 1563

(b) 23 April 1564

(c) 23 April 1563

(d) 3 May 1564

205. Identify the first English comedy written by a headmaster of Eton.

(a) Grammar Gorton’s Needle

(b) Ralph Roister Roister

(c) The Pour Ps

(d) Wit and Science

206. Who wrote the introductory Sonnet to Spencer’s Fairy Queen?

(a) Spencer himself

(b) Leicester

(c) Sir Philip Sidney

(d) Sir Walter Raleigh

207. He was a musician in the court of Henry VIII. His aim was to amuse and not moralise. His interludes were hilarious and they paved the way for comedy. Name the writer and his work.

(a) Bishop Bale – King John

(b) John Heywood – The Four Ps

(c) Skeleton – Magnificence

(d) Lindsay – Satire of the Three Estates

208. Name the dramatist of Campuses, Edition, Love’s Metamorphoses.

(a) John Lyly

(b)Robert Greene

(c) Thomas Lodge

(d)Thomas Nash

209. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves that we are underlings.” Who said this and in which play?

(a) Cassius in Julius Caesar

(b)Antony in Julius Caesar

(c) Cali ban in The Tempest

(d)Antony in Antony and Cleopatra

210. Whom would you assign the line “Drink to me only with thane eyes.”?

(a) John Lyly

(b)William Shakespeare

(c) Ben Jonson

(d)Thomas Nash

211. One contemporary of Jonson had a bitter and extravagant style. In his Poetaster Jonson gives him a purge which makes him vomit his learned and bombastic words. Who is this poet?

(a) George Chapman

(b)Thomas Dekker

(c) Marston


212. About whom these words are uttered: “Cover her face; mine eyes dazzle: She died young.”

(a) Juliet in Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)

(b)Duchess in The Duchess of Mali (Webster)

(c) Cordelier in King Lear (Shakespeare)

(d)Anne in A Woman Killed with Kindness (Thomas Heywood)

213. Name the famous pair of writers who gained popularity by their joint ventures.

(a) Ben Jonson and George Chapman

(b)George Chapman and Marston

(c) Fournier and Webster

(d)Beaumont and Fletcher

214. “Farewell ! Othello’s occupation’s gone”, What does this cry signify?

(a) There were no dramatists left after Ben Jonson

(b) The dramatists were taking other occu­pations

(c) The British Parliament closed the the­atre as Puritans came to power

(d) People preferred poetry

215. Name the play in which Shakespeare and Fletcher collaborated.

(a) Henry VIII

(b) Griselda

(c) The Two Noble Kinsmen

(d) The Maid’s Tragedy

216. How would you classify The Knight of the Burning Pestle by Beaumont and Fletcher?

(a) Comedy (b) Tragedy

(c) Tragic-comedy (d) Farce

217. This public place was made famous and immortal by Shakespeare, Seldon, Donne, Beaumont, Fletcher and Ben Jonson. Name it.

(a) The Friday Street Club

(b) Mermaid Tavern

(c) Bread Street Tavern

(d) Will’s Coffee House

218. Who wrote the book England from Noah to Elizabeth?

(a) Daniel

(b) Michael Drayton

(c) William Warner

(d) Christopher Marlowe

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