I need help with a Concert Critique practice assignment

This is a short assignment to prepare you for the Required Concert Critiques. It’s been my experience that most students get overwhelmed by the idea of describing music that they’ve heard only once in a concert setting. Knowing that the critiques are such a large part of the final grade for this course only adds to the stress. Hopefully, this short assignment will help you all to be less stressed and more prepared for the larger assignments. The required critiques have 3 main sections. This assignment will focus only on the middle section which involves describing the music with the vocabulary that you’re learning in this course. I’ve chosen JS Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 which is a concerto grosso. Take a look at pg. 51 in your book to see a brief description of this type of composition. This piece has 3 movements so you will need to treat each one as a separate piece of music. The names of each movement are simply the tempo markings which is typical for Baroque music. They used Baroque period instruments for this recording so they will look a bit different than the modern instruments. The Concertino instruments are trumpet, violin, oboe and the recorder.


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1- Look at the Concert Critique Format/Example Critiques page in the learning modules to see what is expected of you as far as the writing goes. This assignment will focus only on Section 2 Description of the Music.

2- Watch the video and take notes as if you were in the audience of a concert.

3- Describe the music that you heard and submit your work.

This is how you would list this piece in Section 1 of the required critiques.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F Major

  I. Allegro moderato

  II. Andante

  III. Allegro assai

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HSRIDtwsfM (Links to an external site.)

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