I need help with a history homework in order to create a memo for the president

In this assignment, you are an aide to the President of the United States. Part
of your job is to provide him with information he requests. The president had
lunch with a political scholar from Harvard University who mentioned a thesis
espoused by Samuel Huntington that predicted the “clash of

The president was not familiar with the thesis and would
like some background information on it, as well as your opinion on the thesis,
including whether you think it is valuable and why.

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The President doesn’t
have a lot of time and would like a concise 1-2 page memo on the

The Expectations
The memo should be 1-2 pages and you should
use this Memo to the President Template.  You should research Samuel
Huntington’s thesis that predicts the “clash of civilizations” and include at
least two sources in your bibliography.  It is expected that you will clearly
define what the “clash of civilizations” is and why it is relevant.  Finally,
you must form an opinion on whether you feel that the “clash of civilizations”
is valuable and why.  You must provide your opinion in the memo.  Try to be as
specific as possible about how you think the President should proceed.

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