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Assignment 2-1 You are to create a story for a child of 5-6 years old. You will explain the brain and its functions to them. You need to use the following terms and explain their functions in simple terms. Use the format of a story to keep the child interested, and be sure to use illustrations. Add characters (Dora, Superman etc) to make the information fun. This assignment is worth 20 points.

Rubric for assignment 2-1

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Right Hemisphere 1 Point
Left Hemisphere 1 Point
Occipital lobe 1 Point
Temporal lobe 1 Point
Frontal lobe 1 Point
Parietal lobe 1 Point
Corpus callosum 1 Point
Thalamus 1 Point
Hypothalamus 1 Point
Hippocampus 1 Point
Brainstem 1 Point
Convolutions 1 Point
General appearance 3 Point
Appeal to child (simplistic explanations) 3 Point
Illustrations 2 Point

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