I need this essay to be extended and to be finished,it is based on an ad.

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The ad is to promote awareness for the growing illiteracy rates in France. This ad is purposely meant to resemble an advertisement for mascara with a beautiful model. At first glance the viewer assumes the ad is for the product displayed; yet by taking time to read the text, the message about growing illiteracy becomes clear. Illiteracy is a rising societal issue in France. To combat this illiteracy and highlight the problem, the National Agency for the Fight Against Illiteracy uses the ad to “shock” viewers into understanding this issue and contributing.

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The main point of the ad is to shed some light on the illiteracy rate in France by shocking the audience. The ad shows that something needs to be done about improving literacy rates in France. Shocking the audience catches them off guard and makes them think more deeply about the problem illustrated. Another message this ad illustrates is that people may pay more attention to material things rather than understand societal issues, which might be why the true meaning of the ad is disguised. People are probably more likely to look at an ad about makeup because it might be more appealing,

The message in this ad is conveyed through a “trick”. Unless the viewer knows how to read, he or she will be tricked into thinking it is an ad for mascara. Tricking the viewer may stir interest or deter them from viewing the ad. Although the huge letters on the top saying unfortunately are bound to kindle some interest. The message this ad is communicating is a trick by linking something insignificant with a serious problem such as illiteracy in France,

The ad is trying to shed more light on the seriousness of illiteracy and gain support for making it the leading cause of the year by having them sign a petition. By shocking the audience it is trying to gain sympathy and they might feel more obligated/open to contributing.

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