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PSYC 2103 Term Paper Requirements:Students will be required to write a six page, APA formatted term paper investigating their own development from a biological, cognitive, and psychosocial perspective. The paper must include an APA formatted title and reference page, which is not included in the six page minimum requirement. Students are expected to examine their development from birth until their current age. A minimum of six scholarly sources must be included to support the theories used to explain a student’s development.Suggested questions to consider answering throughout the paper (you certainly do not have to answer all of these):Biological: Your mother’s pregnancy with you, genetic influences (what physical or personality traits do you believe you inherited from your parents?), nutrition, immunizations, brain development, physical activities, puberty/sexual maturation, illnesses, motor skills (fine and gross), sensory development, learning disabilitiesCognitive: Your development through Piaget’s stages, language development, Vygotsky’s theory, early educational experiences, memory developmentPsychosocial: Emotional development, attachment to caregivers as infant, play, gender development, moral development, peer groups/peer pressure, relationships with parents as older child, drug use.APA Formatting HelpFor help with the APA format please review the “APA Formatting Resources” folder located directly above the “Observation Report” folder.  You should/must also use either the Upswing Tutoring service or the Writing Lab on you WGTC campus to review your paper for APA formatting.  They will also help you with grammatical errors and completeness of following the directions.Directions For Submitting Your PapersBefore you submit your paper for grading via the digital drop box, you must first check your paper for originality and to insure that you don’t accidentally plagiarize someone else’s work. You do this but submitting your assignment to the Term Paper_Click Here to Submit link above to get your originality report. You can do this as often as it takes for you to correctly quote and cite your references (textbook, journals, other books, Internet research). Your instructor will only grade the last submission.

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