IEP week 4 assignment

Develop an action plan for how you will work in a school setting. Review all of the content we have discussed, including lectures provided, and write a plan for how you will enter a new school (high school or below), how you will maintain your relationships with the school and finally how would you interact with the IEP process if asked. In this assignment you are demonstrating all of the material that has been discussed this month.  This is a culminating assignment where you demonstrate your learnings for the month.  Keep in mind the four course learning outcomes as you write your plan.You must include a title page, Abstract, completed Action Plan (thorough and detailed with citations that support your plan), and Reference page. Remember, you need to include elements from each week in your plan.  Paper must be on APA style and must use the template for APA below attached.Paper must be 5-6 pages longCourse Learning OutcomesDetermine the role culture plays in the school environment.Analyze how to develop a collaborative working relationship with classroom teachers.Construct a plan for working with the stakeholders in implementing an Individualized Educational Plans (IEP)In your action plan be sure to connect the learning material that has be covered through the month.Below is  attched a template for the Action Plan that you must use.the paper must include at least 4 sources from the 4 week resources and must be citedSources to reference:Week 1  attached nasbe_howschoolswork (1).pdfweek 2 attached are 2 options ( el199809_peterson.pdf   or   What_is_School_Culture_and_Climate.mp4   )week 3 attached (  video – Education_-_Collaboration (1)p4 )Week 4 – there are 2 options  attached  (Week 4 source pdf or a video )

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