Important Terminology and Concepts

The field of nursing requires an understanding of many terms and concepts. You may find there are some you are familiar with, and you may find you are learning something new every day. How might the exploration of nursing informatics terms and concepts help you improve your practice? What is required to stay up to date with new terminology and concepts in the field? How might you approach the ever-changing landscape of nursing practice as it relates to information technology?For this Discussion, you will focus on two selected terms to explore their impact on nursing practice. You will also explore barriers and non-functionality related to your selected terms. Consider your specific experience and nursing practice to share with your colleagues.To PrepareReview the Learning Resources for this week and select two terms from the following to focus on for this Discussion.UsabilityInteroperabilityDecision SupportSustainabilityReflect on the meaning and application of the context of these terms and consider their importance for informational technology and nursing practice.Post and define the two terms you selected. Explain why it may be important to understand how these terms function for the application of information technology and nursing practice. How might these terms impact your nursing practice? Be specific. Then, explain the potential impacts of non-functionality that may arise in your nursing practice if barriers exist for the proper application of these terms.

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