Interview Assignment:

Interview and connection: You are asked to interview a middle-aged (age 40 or older) or older adult (age 60 or older) about his or her subjective experience of having grown older. The learning objective here is that this interview will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand from an adult about his or her individual experiences of having grown older.In your interview you may address questions such as the following:- Are you aware of your age? What makes or has made you aware that you have grownolder?- When you were younger had you thought that getting older would be like you areexperiencing it? Has it been better or worse than what you had expected?- What are some of the good things that have happened with getting older?- What are some of the challenges of getting older?- What would you tell a young person about the years of adulthood or old age?- Is there any advice that you would want to give a young person?Your interview should have at least 10 questions, but not more than 15 questions. While you areinterviewing the middle-aged or older adult, you should take notes of their major statements sothat you can use them in your writing assignment. If you like, you may audiotape the interview,if the person gives you permission to do so.In completing your writing assignment, you then need to pick two journal articles (not articlesfrom popular websites or magazines) that relate to the topics that were covered in the interview. The final section of your writing assignment must reflect on the content of the interview and must make a connection to the research covered in the journal articles and what you have learned in class. This paper should end up being 6-8 pages in length, and should be written in APA style.

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