Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling.

15 points of total grade – Research Article Presentation & One-Page Handout10 of the 15 points accounts for you giving your presentation to your group5 of the 15 points accounts for your one-page handout that you submitYou are expected to find a journal article from one of the journals listed below (all of which can be found via theUST Library System (Links to an external site.)at) and give a presentation (maximum time allowed is 15 minutes) to your small group on one of the last three weekends of the course.The Journal of Marital and Family TherapyContemporary Family TherapyJournal of Family TherapyYou must choose an article published in the last 7 years, and the article MUST incorporate an aspect of diversity as it applies to a couple or family issue. Once you have chosen your article, you are encouraged to notify your group members of the title and author(s), so as not to duplicate the article with another member in your group.You are expected to present to your group the main points and your critique of the article, and summarize these points on a one-page handout (including the citation – APA style). Also, upload the one-page handout to Canvas and also email it to the students in your small group.  During your presentation, do not read verbatim what is on your one-page handout. Instead, you are expected to facilitate some discussion among your group members about the issues presented in your article.

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