leadership and administration

Every student’s practice environment and preceptor is different, therefore practicum objectives will vary for all students. Write 3 individualized practice objectives that you will achieve during the next 8 weeks. All practicum activities should be directed towards accomplishing these set goals. Remember, objectives should be measurable, able to be completed during the 8 weeks for the practicum time, and produce proof, an artifact or evidence that they were achieved.  This is in health care field. I am having my practicum in the nursing home.Here are some examples to follow or modify:Student will develop a slide presentation about _______________ for presentation to student or staff nurses.Student will create a survey to measure satisfaction about ____________ with lesson by participants.Student will attend three faculty or staff meetings about _____________ as evidenced by reflective essay about each meeting.Student will write article for publication about _________ in nursing journal and submit to ten peers for review.Student will present a process or policy improvement topic about ____________ to administration or leadership.Student will create a YouTube presentation about ___________ and solicit comments from viewers.Student will create and deliver training modules about _______ to staff or student nurses.leader

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