Learning Experiences

Develop a double-spaced, four-to-six (4-6) page paper (excluding title and reference pages) discussing how the learning experiences (e.g., discussions, course materials, case studies, videos and assignments) in this class have impacted each of the five (5) issues listed below.1. Your values related to family violence survivors and perpetrators (and discuss the difference between your values and your beliefs)2. Your perceptions of family violence survivors and perpetrators3. Your assumptions about families in which violence occurs4. Victim, survivor and perpetrator types which raise negative thoughts and feelings5. Your specific concerns or fears about social work practice with persons affected by family violence6. How your values, beliefs, perceptions, assumptions and feelings about family violence could impact your ability to build supportive relationships with different types of victims and perpetrators7. What social work ethics and values apply to working with family violence survivors and perpetrators? How can you use social work ethics and values to assist you in overcoming internal barriers to providing effective social work?

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