life span3

The Adolescent time period is characterized by changes and transitions in a child’s life.  The Adolescent time period begins at puberty.  Puberty is associated with various physical and emotional changes for the child.  In the last 100 years, the age at which the onset of puberty begins has been decreasing due to various physical and environmental cause.  Discuss some of the reasons for the decrease in the onset of puberty.  What are some of the physical and psychological implications for a child as they go through puberty?  What are the current statistics on rates of depression and suicide in Adolescents?  What are signs and symptoms that parents/teachers/peers should be aware of regarding depression and suicidal thoughts in Adolescents?Please engage in a thoughtful discussion of these topics. Be sure to use APA citations for all resources used in completing your assignment400 words also intext citations

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