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Thematic textbook chapter: Using our textbook (The Norton Introduction to Literature by Kelly J Mays) as a model for organization and presentation, create a chapter that could be used in a textbook to teach, demonstrate, and explain a particular theme or concept you have chosen, using examples from our textbook of all three genres.  

For example, you might create a chapter on works that deal with childhood, or marriage, or urban life, or death.  The chapter must include four poems, three short stories, and two plays or one play and a film.  At least one work in each genre must be from our assigned reading; the others need not be, but they must all be from our textbook (except for the film; however, the film must have artistic/literary merit).  The chapter will include a close reading of each work and an explanation of how that work embodies the theme you have chosen.  Use at least three scholarly articles to enhance your interpretations; summarize the articles’ arguments about the works rather than just quoting directly from them. Be sure to make connections between the works 

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(for example, comparison and/or contrast).  MLA citations required, both within the text and in a Works Cited page.  Feel free to also include relevant biographical or historical information and/or visuals (be sure to cite them).  Length: 8-10 pages.

Readings will be provided once bid accepted.

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