Major Case Study

Major Case Study: Under Amour

_____ Case Introduction

  • Identify and describe the firm’s historic strategic direction and performance.
  • Describe the organization’s current challenges.
  • Compose a one to two sentence problem statement that addresses the root issue of the case.
  • Present the strategically relevant assumptions you made in arriving at the problem statement (economic, operational, etc.).

_____ Industry Analysis

  • Describe the industry in which the organization competes (include also the NAICS code for the industry)
  • Identify and describe the Key Success Factors (KSF) in the industry by reference to industry journals and/or IBIS World (KSFs are things all competitors in the industry face).

_____ Qualitative Situation Analysis

  • External Environment
  •  Internal Environment

_____ Quantitative Situation Analysis

  • Analyze the financial health and performance of the organization and opine on the organization’s financial situation going forward.
  • Compare the organization to key competitors and evaluate its future ability to compete.

This includes analysis of key performance measures and financial ratios (see page xiv and xv), using SEC 10K reports and news sources about the firm and its competitors.

_____ Strategic Alternatives

  • Describe specific strategic goals for the organization in terms of overcoming the problem identified in the problem statement.
  • Describe three mutually exclusive strategic alternatives and how each strategic alternative can solve the problem statement.
  • Compare each alternative in relation to its qualitative and quantitative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Conclude regarding your chosen strategic alternative stating why it was selected and how it contributes to achieving the company’s strategic goals. 

_____    Financial Projection Analysis

  • Write a narrative explaining the rationale for each assumption on the assumptions sheet (located in the appendix) and the rationale used to determine the discount rate for the net present value.

______ Implementation Issues

  • Discuss the tactical decisions/actions needed to implement your chosen strategy to achieve your stated strategic goals. 
  • Discuss the monitoring and control measures that will enable the company to gage how well it is doing in reaching its strategic goals when implementing your chosen strategy.


_____    Financial Projections

  • Three separate appendices, one appendix for each strategic alternative. (appendix 1 for alternative 1, appendix 2 for alternative 2 and appendix 3 for alternative 3) include your assumptions sheet and financial projections spreadsheet of cash inflows and cash outflows for each strategic alternative. Calculate the net present value (NPV) of the cash flows of each alternative. 
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