Marriage and Family, sociology homework help

This chapter discloses information of marriage and family as an institution in society. One focal point is how the family system changes throughout the life course. Significant trends are covered in relationship with the roles, relationships, family choices, and problems that are faced by the American family. Although most of us have had a tremendous amount of experience in our family of orientation (the family we’re born into), we often are inexperienced or untrained for a family of procreation (the family that we create with our spouse). Think about the fact that we do not have any formal training on how to love. We don’t have a guide on how to make relationships work other than our family of orientation. Should we not have some type of training for this institution that is deemed as sacred? We live in a society where one out of every two marriages or half will end in divorce. Do you think this is high, or is it acceptable? Do you have a remedy for this problem? Search the web to answer the questions that were posed in the description of the chapter that I wrote. Give some insightful responses with hard resources to support them.

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