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La Belle Boutique

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Fashion Merchandising Final Project

Merchant for Handbags Department


  • Shoulder bag
  • Totes
  • Clutches/ Evening bag
  • Cross body bag
  • Wallet

Season: fall/Winter 2017

Profile: My customer will be between the age of 25 to 30. My customer are very fashion forward, spending is the least problem for them. They love best quality bags and they like to be able to shop different category of handbag from La Belle Boutique.

Comepetitors: Barneys New York

Sacks Avenue

I want to locate in new York city

How will you promote this business. BE CREATIVE, show examples.

What types of media will you use and what style of advertising will be most

advantageous to your business.

Give time frames for ads based on when you plan your business to be in stores..

Also included on your paper will be. 1. A customer profile- Who is your

customer, be specific on demographics and buying habits.

2. Where are your stores located? – What city , state or country and what

is the profile of the location of the store you are buying for.

3. Why did you choose this business. What are the key trends . Research

what is happening in your business today?, Is it a growing category, what about imports,

major brands, and your competition. Anything you need to know to run your business should be

included in your presentation.

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