Method Of social Res: Quantitative Hus311-OL01

Survey Question AssignmentIdentify a topic for the survey (from your research project)Develop 10 survey questionsTitle: Postpartum Depression In Teenage motherKeep in mind that with quantitative surveys the goal is to transform the information you collect into data. When you ask open-ended questions and allow your respondents to write in individualized comments, responses will be varied and difficult to code. As a result, you must provide a response choice. Please use the Likert Scale responses.Please provide a title (use your research question or statement)Provide instructions to participants on how to take/complete the surveyExplain the purpose of the survey: Who is the survey being administered too (individual, group) and how will participants be selected (random, etc.)?Discuss: Anonymity and/or Confidentiality: Measures that the researcher will employ to keep participants identity safe.Review Likert Scale for response selections Every question needs to have a measurable response.Very FrequentlyFrequentlyOccasionallyRarelyNeverCreating the Survey: You have the option of creating surveys in Microsoft Word or Survey Monkey

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