MKTG 416 – Marketing Research

Research Problem Definition


Management-Decision Problem:

How can Apple improve their iPhone chargers in terms of durability and reliability?

Marketing Research Problem:

Discussing the management decision problem of how people who buy Apple product think about Apple if the prices are to high and if iphone chargers last for a time.

Research Question:

To answer the research question of this study, specific questions will guide the researcher.

–       Which between wireless or wired chargers would customers prefer?

–       Would the customers like a lifetime warranty for their chargers?

–       Would clients prefer iPhone case chargers?

Specific Components

  1. What needs do buyers of wireless,and wired chargers seek to satisfy?
    1. Information Needed:
      1. Needs of buyers of how much time to use their Phone for one day.
      2. Needs of buyers of one day use of Phones.
    2. How does the battery life of mobile phones now meet the needs of consumers for one day?
      1. Information Needed:
        1. Evaluation the wired charging of mobile phones.
        2. Evaluation the wireless charging of mobile phones..

Proposed Research Design

  1. Secondary data that we will conduct a random interview to investigate.
  2. What primary data will you collect?

Questionnaires is my primary date.

  1. This study utilized questionnaires which the researcher will administer through the internet to the potential respondents.
  2. The respondents will comprise of 60 respondents drawn randomly using a simple random technique.  The respondents will comprise people of all genders and all ages above 18 years old. Once the respondents confirm their consent to participate in the study, the researcher will send the questionnaires and ask for responses within 5 days after sending. The questionnaires will have specific questions addressing the demographics, and the specific questions addressing the main research problem of this study.
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