Module 3 Public Human

After reviewing this week’s readings and resources you will need to compose a discussion board post of at least 250 words that addresses the guiding questions listed below. Remember that your post should not simply be quick answers to each of the questions. In other words, review each question, reflect on the answers, and compose a singular response that shows your understanding of this material. In fact, you may not use all of the questions in your response, but you should show a full comprehension of the material.Guiding Questions:Explain the different types of and reasons for employee compensation for wage and salaried employees.Fully explain the factors influence the reasons/types of compensation packages used in the workplace.How do the varying compensation theories impact which compensation package is used in the workplaceBe sure to include in the discussion, the role of race, social class, and gender privileges play in the management and compensation of these two categories of employees.Use this website:

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