Module 5 Public Human Discussion

Review this week’s readings.  You will need to compose a discussion board post of at least 250 words that addresses the guiding questions below. Remember that your post should not simply be quick answers to each of the questions. In other words, review each question, reflect on the answers, and compose a singular response that shows your understanding of this material. In fact, you may not use all of the questions in your response, but you should show a full comprehension of the material.Your entire original post and peer response will be evaluated based on your knowledge of the content, your ability to compose a thoughtful and clear response, and your ability to engage with your classmates regarding the topic.Guiding Questions:1.  Explain the relationship between emotional intelligence and communication styles.2.  Provide strategies to overcome conflicting styles of management and employees.3.  Explain the different types of leadership styles noted in the text.4.  How do these leadership styles affect how the leader communicates and how the receiver of the communication receives the messages of the leader?5.  Explain the role of performance reviews.6.  What are the common performance issues addressed in performance reviews?7.  How do internal and external factors affect those common issues?8.  If there are known internal or external factors affecting an employee’s performance, should those facts be taken into consideration?Websites:

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