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Advanced pharmacology class reflectionPeer 1My classes of Advance Pharmacology in Miami regional University under professor Maureen James instructions helped me to better understand what is the role of the Nurse Practitioner within the healthcare industry in USA, specially focusing on the pharmacology and non-pharmacology treatment of the patients understanding that a holistic vision is important because some time the  more necessary action for specific patient is change the lifestyle an example will be patient with metabolic syndrome ,loss weight, healthy diet and exercises will be sufficient to modify this premorbid condition, healthcare provider become an educator, advisor and pay special attention to prevent the people developing any pathology with the regular checkup visit or in communication with the community resources to provide the most necessary information with this purpose, when the person has a pathology already help them to control and keep a well-controlled and the most successful health status is the goal.Along this course I am acquired best knowledge regarding pathologies and their pharmacological treatment, when are indicated, dosages, contraindications, side effects and adverse effects, patients variables how and when is safe use in Childrens, elderly people and pregnant women and in the opposite way when is not recommended or totally unsafe their use, regarding pregnant women the different categories were discussed, medications  warnings and what surveillance and how to proceed to keep safety management, instruct the patients about these important aspects and what are my limitations and boundaries in my practice as a nurse practitioner ,when a patient needs to be referred to specialist for best treatment according to their medical condition and keep interrelation with other healthcare provider to achieve the highest quality of life for the patient under my care.This class also allowed me to know the resources available for research and investigation to provide the patient with the last and highest standard of treatment according to the most recent results for studies and the ultimate protocols the health agencies established for the healthcare provider established, also this class  presented and put me some situations I will confront in the future in my daily practice and solve this situation using my critical thinking based on  the knowledge acquired help me to provide the most satisfactory answer, if not, the corrects solutions were identified ,this type of exercises are a good tools to present the students a vision what they can face after graduation when work as a new nurse practitioner, with the principle that safety practice is the gold rule.Peer 2Advanced pharmacology class reflectionDuring the semester, I had the opportunity to learn about advanced pharmacology. Advanced pharmacology course is an area of study that deals with the study of concepts and principles of drugs and medication therapies. The course provides advanced nursing practitioners with knowledge and skills to be applied in clinical practice to meet the needs of different patients. Before taking the course in advanced pharmacology, I had gained partial knowledge of the course by conducting research using online platforms of what the course entailed. I concluded that the course focuses on drug therapies that will be used or applied in the treatment of different health issues in the nursing care of patients. Advanced pharmacology as a course provided many benefits to me because of how the instructor was able to conduct the lecture sessions and assignments. The tutor ensured to give assignments and research questions on different concepts and principles of advanced pharmacology. The tutor encouraged the need to understand the concepts applied in advanced pharmacology and how they are applied in real-life situation, such as treating chronic hypertension using different drugs (Sumanasekera et a., 2020). As an advanced nursing practitioner, I learned different concepts and principles that could be applied in clinical practice.I gained knowledge and understanding in different areas, such as Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of drugs. I learned about the relationship between the required sites of drug action and the amount of drug concentration required to be provided to a patient with a given health issue and its resulting effects. As a practicing nurse, it is important to understand and gain knowledge of the concepts and principles involved in the Pharmacodynamics of drugs. By learning about Pharmacodynamics, I was able to understand the need to identify the weaknesses and strengths of different drugs and the role played by the drugs in the treatment of a given condition (Vacek & Vuckovic, 2019). I was able to learn about the efficacy and potency of drugs used in treatment plans for different patients in primary care. Moreover, I gained knowledge about the decisions that are required to be made related to the use of drugs and medication by patients. Advanced nurse practitioners are required to assess the quality of drug therapies which are designed to be offered or prescribed to patients (Taylor et al., 2021). There is a need to use clinical reasoning based on the diagnosis conducted on the patient, thus leading to proper patient care.

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