Movie Genres, Part II

A substantive message consists of a (1) minimum 150 words; (2) references to the readings, videos, etc..

1.  Chapter 10 of your text discusses how Invasion of the Body Snatchers and High Noon can be understood as reactions to the practices of the House Committee on Un-American Activities. What are other examples of films that address controversial issues or political events in indirect ways?

2.  Chapter 10 discusses the changing depiction of people of color in the movies, and how this change developed from African Americans and Latinos driving the means of production themselves and depicting themselves in a positive light. Outside of African American- and Latino-directed films, do you see more positive portrayals of people of color in mainstream movies in the past 10 years?

3.  What has been the legacy of the depiction of the American West in Hollywood westerns? In other words, do you think the positive or negative portrayals of groups of people has become more deeply believed than they otherwise would be?

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