Movie Review

 This term the course will focus especially on the following themes:

  • Tensions between modernity and tradition
  • Gender as a cultural construction
  • The impact of history and politics on everyday life
  • Self-making and ethical subjectivity
  • Religion in Asian film and cultural life

However, we may also discuss topics as varied as Bollywood dancing, the interaction of culture and creativity, ghost stories, the art of subtitling, and much more. Films or excerpts of films will be screened in class or at designated screening time, or made available through the library.

1)  a brief (one paragraph) summary or overview of the film

2)  a one-page analysis or discussion of a film in terms of what it shows about cultural life

3)  your personal response or thoughts about the film

  • Chung King Express (Hong Kong, 1994, Wang Kar Wai)
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