MSN Capstone Proposal PowerPoint Poster

Using your MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form complete the sections on the PowerPoint:Abstract – In this section provide an abstract of your proposal. This is only a proposal and is not a project to be implemented. Only provide the information you have actually completed on your MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form.Background Information – In this section provide the background information on the problem. Why is this project important?PICOt Question – In this section provide your PICOt question from Week 5 section on the MSN Capstone Project Proposal Form.Literature Review – In this section provide a review of the literature. What were the themes?Evidence-Based Intervention – In this section describe the evidence-based intervention. What will be done?Outcome Measures – In this section provide your outcome measures and definition. What do you plan to measure to demonstrate success.References – In this section provide no more than two (2) top references you used in the literature review to support your proposal.

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