Need help to write an Argumentative Essay, Should guns be permitted on college campuses?

– This Essay must be 1500 words or more, it must include 5 resources or more as well as in text citation. It must be put into MLA Format.

– Must include an outline. this is my Outline with my references. Feel free to change it if you would like.

 Campus Gun

Control Works- Why Guns and Schools Do Not Mix. (2014, June 7). Retrieved

November 8, 2015, from 

 Point Blank:

Guns Don’t Belong On College Campuses – Here’s Why. (2014, March 10). Retrieved

November 8, 2015, from 


Instructors Be Allowed to Carry Guns on Campus? |

(n.d.). Retrieved November 8, 2015, from 


– I am against this argument.

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