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F/TV 2A: HISTORY OF CINEMA (1895-1950)

De Anza College

Susan Tavernetti, Instructor

FINAL EXAM (150 points total)


1:45-3:45 p.m.

Bring a Scantron Answer Sheet (#20052; 100 questions/100 pts.) for the in-class

objective exam.

Submit your Take-home essay prompt directly to before or on

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, by 1:45 p.m.: “Sign in” or click on “Create account” and

“New Users”

Class ID: 10333137; Enrollment password (case sensitive): rosebud

No late exams will be accepted!


Do not do research, as your essay should contain YOUR analysis.

Spend no more than two hours writing your essay.

Do not submit a hard copy to me.

Select ONE of the following prompts:

The introduction of sound had a profound impact on all aspects of film history. Cite three

specific examples of dialogue, music and/or effects (D/M/E) from each of the following

films—Hitchcock’s Blackmail, Welles’ Citizen Kane and Reed’s The Third Man—to

discuss the creative, innovative use of sound. Total supporting examples: Nine.

How did Renoir try to communicate through mise en scène aesthetics in Rules of the

Game? Why were Welles and Gregg Toland technically able to use this approach in

Citizen Kane? Discuss one significant scene from each film that depends on Renoir’s

deep space and Welles’ deep-focus approach to communicate visually.

How does one feature—It Happened One Night, The Rules of the Game, Citizen Kane

or The Third Man—reflect sociopolitical issues and film-technology influences at the time

of its release?

Compare Capra’s It Happened One Night with Welles’ Citizen Kane in terms of theme

and narrative structure. In doing so, account for the box-office popularity of the former

feature and the poor showing of the latter, taking into consideration the social and

economic conditions of the times, the Classic Narrative System and viewer expectations.

Although Reed’s The Third Man reflects 50 years of film history, the film also pushes

motion pictures into a new postwar direction. Looking to the past, discuss how German

expressionism influenced the film. Also address how the feature paves a new path for

international cinema.

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