Need help with a test on “The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson

the test going to be on blackboard 

  1. Description

    The quiz covers the first Act of “The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson. This includes Scenes 1 and 2.

    *Please know that while I forwarded an online link to you all to help, you are still respobsible for having a copy of the text. I am not responsible if the link does not work, etc. Also, if we have an open book assignment/quiz in class you will not be allowed to use electronic devices. You can, however, use printed copies of the text.

  2. Timed Test

    This test has a time limit of 20 minutes.

  3. Timer Setting

    You will be notified when time expires, and you may continue or submit.

  4. Force Completion

    This test can be saved and resumed later. The timer will continue to run if you leave the test.

  5. Due Date

    This Test is due on November 18, 2015 7:30:00 AM EST.

  6. Click 
    Begin to start: The Piano Lesson. Click 
    Cancel to go back.

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