Need help with English Literature. On ” The Way of The World” by Willam Congreve

I need help with your own word, own sentences, and your own idea. Thank you!!!


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Pick ONE character-theme pairing from each ofGroups A, B and C, plus two others, and analyze, citing examples from the text. Write one solid academic paragraph (1/2 page) on each. (For instance — Mirabell-Love, Millamant-Wit; Lady Wishfort-Power; Mirabell-Truth; Millamant-Power.)


Group AMirabell – Wit, Love, Power, or Truth / Deception

Group B: Millamant – Wit, Love, or Power 

Group C: Lady Wishfort & Power; Lady Wishfort & Love; Fainall & Marwood & Love; Fainall & Marwood & Power; Witwoud & Sir Wilful & Fashion; Mrs. Fainall& Love; Witwoud, Petulant, Sir Wilful & Folly.

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