Need psychology help for Racial Healing

Racial Healing

Write a 5 page, double-spaced essay (approximately 1,500 words) on one of the following topics:

  • According to the Andersen and Collins: “Race, class and gender still matter because they continue to structure society in ways that value some lives more than others. Currently, some groups have more opportunities and resources, while other groups struggle.” Referring to the required readings and videos in Module 04, examine how this is true in terms of gender issues.

This essay should be organized according to your own understanding of the material, with specific references to the assigned readings. You may cite references in parentheses in your text, using only the author’s last name and page number. Please be sure that your essay has your name at the top, followed by the topic you’ve chosen, and a bibliography at the end.

APA Style and Cite reference from the book and the videos below only :

Race: Are We So Different

the reading for this assignment page 285-293_20151204093329.pdf 

page 307-313_20151204093447.pdf

page 357-362_20151204093601.pdf

page 443-447_20151204093642.pdf

the book is Andersen, M., & Collins, P. (2015). Race, class, and gender: An anthology (9th ed.). Boston: Cenage

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