Network and workflow

A 3-5 page APA original document in MS-Word describing the Network and your workflow for your (imaginary) Data Analytics company.  

So my predictive analysis is upcoming attack on cyber security on cell phones.The target audience for this report is the cell phone service provider. This report is most important for Service provider to maintain or increase their Stock like assuming in my report if Sprint had only 3% success rate from a hacker point of view to gather user personal information which is very less as compared to other Service providers. so, if we look current Stock market for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint is $35, $57, $85, $6.5 then maybe their sales going to increases because people are thinking this is more secure than other service providers. 

So my Assignment question is  

3-4 page paper explaining your network 

and workflow.  Include a network 

diagram. Include a Workflow Diagram.

Overview of Network devices. Network 

connectivity. Diagrams. Screened Subnet. 


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