NR631 week 4 IP

Week 4: Collaboration Cafe: Communication in Project Management (graded)44 unread replies.44 replies.Communication in Project ManagementThink about all of the stakeholders and colleagues that must be kept up to date on the status of your project. The recipient of your communication may be upstream (higher on the organizational chart), lateral (an equal organizationally), or downstream (i.e. end user) in relation to the project. A student in a prior CGE course compared communication in project management to the five rights of medication administration…we need to give:The right personThe right information(via) the right route(at) the right time(in) the right doseIdentify two people, at two different levels (upstream, lateral, downstream) that you need to communicate with for your project and compare/contrast your communication with them based on each of the five rights of communication.

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