NSG 5002 Advanced theoretical perspectives final paper

Need a scholarly paper completed by 1/28/2020 with as below:The paper should follow a format that includes:The Four Metaparadigms: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on the basic four metaparadigms/concepts of patient, nurse, health, and environment.Two Practice-Specific Concepts: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on at least two other concepts specific to your own practice.List of Propositions: A numbered list of at least five propositions or assumption statements that clearly connect the concepts described.Consider the following questions as you complete your various tasks related to this assignment.1.How do I define and employ the four basic metaparadigms of nursing theory in my professional practice?2.What are the major concepts I employ that are unique to my professional practice?3.What philosophies and theories from the literature of nursing and other disciplines/domains are consistent with these concepts?4.How are the concepts of transcultural nursing, the health promotion model, skill acquisition, role theory, and change theory specifically integrated into  my philosophy and practice?5.What research supports these theories and concepts?6.How do I integrate role and change theory into my professional practice and how may these theories be applied to the organization in which I practice?The paper is to be thoroughly researched and well documented, with relevant material from the nursing theorists presented incorporated into the paper. Use the current edition of the APA Manual throughout the paper.Sources should focus on references from nursing theory.References MUST be no more than 5 years old.APA formattedThe paper, excluding references or appendices, is to be limited to 6-10 pages.Writing should be succinct and well organized.PAPER IS DUE NO LATER THAN MONDAY 1/28/2020 AT 5PM EASTERN TIME

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