Online Scavenger Hunt For Success

Online Scavenger Hunt for SuccessThe Basics (each question worth 5 point) 20 pts total1. From the first section in the book what are 5 environmental concerns you will learn about in this class? Question worth 5 points.a.b.c.d.e.2. Every field is impacted by the environment, be it being the source or a product, source of a service, a concern to meet an environmental regulation…. How do you feel learning about the environment will impact your future career? (minimum of 50 words; question worth 5 points)3. Everything is made from chemicals. In blogs or news articles, you might hear about chemicals being a concern, but this is too vague. For example you can say water is a problem because it is a chemical, but this is still not saying why. Find an example of a chemical you want to learn about. Question worth 5 pointsa. What is this chemical made from?b. How can it be helpful?c. What it is likely to pollute (air, water, or land)?d. How can the problem be lessened?e. Provide a full reference for yourauthoritative sourceyou used to answer this question4. Ozone is a complex chemical. In the1980’s a big concern was the hole in the ozone. What is the current status of the ozone hole? Now, you might hear more about ozone warning while driving. What causes this and why is it is problem? What references did you use to answer this question? (minimum of 50 words; question worth 5 points)Completing Research (5 points each- 3 for correct example, 2 for reason) 20 pts totalIn science a research paper needs to have authoritative sources and all facts need to be cited. This does not mean you want to have lots of quotes, but instead paraphrase your material and cite the sourceMany times if it tempting to use popular media as a source. However, this means it could be biased.Go to: Find one source that could be considered Left biased and explain why (minimum of 20 words; question worth 5 points).2. Find one source that could be considered right biased and explain why (minimum of 20 words; question worth 5 points).3. Find a source that is considered conspiracy-pseudoscience and explain why with an example of pseudoscience (minimum of 20 words; question worth 5 points).4. Find a pro-science source that might be ok for a research paper to get more current information then a peer reviewed source. (minimum of 20 words; question worth 5 points)Citing and referencing help (each topic 10 pts) 30pts totalUsing the library, find3 separate articlesto help you write about 3 of the following topics below (remember to choose 3 topics, not just 1).  Please pick3 topicsfrom this list:endangered species, environmental toxin,farming, sustainable building materials, orwater pollutionto answering the following questions:1. Why would you use this article? (3 pts)2. Create a full reference for this source (2 pts)3. Paraphrase a fact from this source and insert an in-text citation (2.5pts)4. Find a quote Create an intext citation (2.5pts)

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