Operations Analysis homework

For Exercise 13.11,  a hospital is planning to add a $60 million patient tower.  In order to support both the exisiting hospital facility and the new patient tower, an existing energy plant will be expanded and upgraded.  Equipment upgrades include a new generator, liquid oxygen tanks, cooling towers, boilers, and a chiller system to ensure adequate electricity, heating, air conditioning, hot water, and oxygen delivery systems.  Existing fuel tanks will be relocated.  The activities, their immediate predecessors, and the optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic times in weeks for this project are listed in Table EX 13.11:

a. Calculate the mean duration time for each activity.

b. Calculate the variance for each activity time.

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c.  Identify the mean and the standard deviation for each path.

d. Calculate project completion probability for 147, 150, and 152 weeks.

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