Painting analysis “white light” Jackson Pollock

This assignment is a 3 pages essay critique over a two dimensional art of work. A critique often involves both a formal evaluation of the work and a contextual critique considering the artist’s style, intention, and historical period. You will consider several questions which will help you generate an essay about the painting “white light” by Jackon Pollock. Your response should not be a list of answers, but rather reflective response to each questions written in an essay.

1) using the terms about colour, explain what colour choices you see in this painting. For example are the colour primary..? Are they complementary and intense of soft and close in value? 

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2) does line or shape / form seem to be the most dominate element? Explain your choice.

3) select the two principles of design you think strengthen this work visually. 

4) if it were possible to count the number of layers of paint, how many would you estimate there to be? Explain how you determined this, and explain how texture is created in this work.

5)consider what elements stimulate our senses in this work. Is it contrast, is there a focus? Does the work feel dynamic? You choose but please explain your choice. 

6) critics have described Pollock’s style as rendering energy visible. Describe the mood or feeling of the energy this composition expresses. 

7)although Pollock is considered an abstract expressionist, he is also labeled an action painter or a gestual abstractionist. Why do you think these labels seem to fit this composition 

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