Paper Needed ASAP Product Review

For this assignment, you will

  • identify your topic you have chosen to review.
  • explain in detail why you chose your topic.
  • list the criteria (pre-established standards, needs/expectations, or comparative points/products) you will use to analyze your topic for the review
  • list in APA or MLA format an annotated bibliography of at least two sources that you will use as information about your topic.  Your list must adhere to MLA or APA standards.  Consult Chapters 27 & 28 in your textbook. 

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You may choose a topic of your own or use one of the suggestions below: 

6. a household product/product line (for example a cleanser or detergent)

The review is just that, a review or evaluation of some product, service, or business/facility. Your job is to evaluate your chosen topic.  Although this essay will contain your opinions, you should base your opinions on preexisting expectations, on standards or ideals.  

In other words, how does your chosen topic compare or measure up to what consumers/clients expect and need?  

How does your chosen topic compare to similar products, services, or facilities?  

How does your chosen product, service, or facility compare to its own claims or those of competitors?

What strengths and weaknesses does your chosen product have?

Your essay should have

  • an identifiable introduction/opening that sets up your review  and creatively identifies your topic.
  • multiple body paragraphs–ideally, each body paragraph should explore a different feature of your chosen topic. Remember our five paragraph minimum. Ideally you should have about six to seven paragraphs for this assignment. 
  • a closing that delivers your final thoughts about your topic and recommendations/suggestions.  What should your readers do? 
  • a major thesis statement–a sentence in the introduction and/or conclusion that states your overall assessment of your topic. Ideally your thesis will be an overall statement that sums up your review and tells whether your chosen product, service or facility successfully delivers whatever it should. Does it (whatever it may be) actually meet expectations?
  • descriptive elements and specific examples of the features you are discussing.

I chose the topic (a household product/product line (for example a cleanser or detergent) & my product is mean green.

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