PBIS Final Research Paper

ABA Behavior Analysis PaperResearch Paper -Students will write a 5 page paper (body) using APA format on a topic within PBIS. use a topic in tge website:   https://www.pbis.org/The following sections must be included in the paper:Cover page (page 1)Introduction (page 2)Topic selectionBackgroundResearch FindingsPractical application in the school settingSummaryReferences (page 8)Note: The cover page and the reference page(s) are not included in the total number of pages. The body of the paper must be 5 pages.Note: There should be a minimum of 5 references for the whole paper. the references need to be the same as in the anottated bibliography.A SAMPLE OF THE FINAL PBIS PAPER IS ATTACHED SHOWING AN EXAMPLE OF A PAPER THAT RECEIVED A SCORE OF 2

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