Perdue case is a tough one to study without it stirring emotions that most of us bury or try to ignore, Martha post

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The Perdue case is a tough one to study without it stirring emotions that most of us bury or try to ignore, and begs the question of moral responsibility within our society.  We as humans feel it is our right to take an animal as our food, pet or test subjects and rarely stop to consider the real damage being caused.  Capitalists deem the production as a right to make money and socialists wish to feed everyone no matter the costs. Agricultural economics is a very touchy subject, make a dollar, or be kind to the animals?  Is there anything in between? Factory farming is a huge market as our government has systematically destroyed the small family farms, that were basically self-sufficient, and in turn has industrialized the process of farming animals and animal products (milk, eggs, etc.) for consumption.  There are virtually no federal laws that govern the conditions in which farmed animals are raised and the large operations like Perdue are popping out product in order to fulfill supply and demand, yet aren’t looking at the fundamental basics of morality.  We have become monsters of our own creations yet again, and although state laws are in place regarding animal cruelty, most are not even enforced. 

  While I had a very hard time doing the work for this post, I honestly don’t blame Perdue as much as I blame society for the factory style production of animals- be it for consumer raised animals or animals for pets.  There is something fundamentally and morally inept in the US where think it’s ok to deprive a being of natural mortality because we see the process of its life as a means to filling our guts.  All focus seems to be on the dollar signs because of the way our economic system lumps animals in with textile manufacturing.  Business activity in the US has completely forgotten about basic livelihood and even the environment; the Indians hunted and fed on the animals taken, and used every bit of the animal in order to survive, but to also keep hear numbers up.  Basically, they took what they needed and created a balance in nature- so the cycle revolves in a rounded shape.  Today, while there are more and more animals being raised simply for consumption, we are corrupt in the process.  Much of American families of the past raised and grew enough to support themselves and maybe even sell a bit for profit.  Most dairy farms where bought out by our government as we now import most of our milk- advertisements are being created in order to justify these types of events and the unknowing public assumes that because the government says so, it must be ok.  Well, its not. 

Most pf society, if they even examine where their food comes from, look at factory farms with a utilitarian lens- “its for human survival, we are on the top of the food chain”..  I say think about your duty- how would you feel if you were that animal?  Ultimately I stick with the virtue theory as there are more humane ways to feed ourselves than with the mass production of animals in horrible conditions-  Is it not possible that in the consumption of these mistreated animals that there is a rise of mental health issues and other ailments of humans?  Bottom line, this type of farming and cruelty is another example of the lack of virtuous traits in our culture as whole.  WE are a species of immediate gratification and as this trend becomes more ingrained in our society, the more we lose sight of the human experience and overall humanity on our planet.

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