personal reference letter

Personal Reference LetterThe purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your performance at the internship site, as well as to evaluate what you have learned. The goal is demonstrate an ability to “speak” to potential employers about your skills. Upon writing the draft of your letter, share it with your supervisor for feedback (Please note: This is a letter that YOU are writing, not your supervisor).Based on what you think that you have learned and achieved within the internship experience, write a 1-page letter of referencefor yourself. Be sure to:· Highlight specific areas of growth and specific value that you experienced through the process of completing this internship.· Indicate how you would translate your experience in your internship into a new work experience.· Write in Business Letter format to a potential employer.You will be graded upon your ability to:Evaluate yourself and to promote what you have      learned.Communicate clearly and effectively and to thus      “present” yourself well.Persuade a professional reader.Properly format a reference letter.USE MY PLAN FOR GROWTH ESSAY AND INTERNSHIP LOG TO BE ABLE TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. COGNATE IS ADDICTION RECOVERY. MUST BE 1 PAGE

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