Phase 5 IP Care and Community Resources

2-3 pagesAPAESTBased on what you have learned about available community resources in Wayne County, New York, and based upon your work with Mr. Potts, prepare a report to Supervisor Rexford that identifies at least 3 community resources (these can be any combination of treatment, prevention, education, etc.) that you believe would be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts. For each community resource you identify, address the following:Why do you believe it to be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts specifically?What do you believe Mr. Potts will get out of the referral to this resource?What is your goal for Mr. Potts in terms of referring Mr. Potts to this resource?Rank each of the 3 resources to which you referred Mr. Potts, from most needed to least needed.You should also address whether you believe this community lacks any resources for Mr. Potts to which you would have made a referral if it existed in this county.

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