PHI208- Ethics & Moral Reasoning

This Assignment Consist of 2 Discussion questions. They need to be answered seperate. Each discussion question must be 200 words at a minimum. You must read Chapter 2 from the textbook material in order to complete both discussions and you must cite/reference the text book material correctly. ( See attachment for Chapter 2) The Reference to chapter two is Mosser, K. (2010). A concise introduction to philosophy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.Discussion #1: Ethics and RelativismOur text discusses the challenge relativism presents to various ethical and religious viewpoints. Consider a specific moral question which might make it difficult to accept the relativist’s response. State the moral issue involved, and provide an explanation as to why you think a relativist might have a problem giving a justified response to it. In addition, use one of the positive ethical theories from the text to interpret the issue and how one should respond to this issue.Discussion #2: Animal RightsDo human beings have any obligations to animals in terms of their treatment? If it is wrong to treat animals cruelly, why is it not wrong to eat them? Explain if, and how, you think humans can find a balance between treating animals ethically while also raising them for food and for other reasons, such as the testing of pharmaceuticals.

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