Philosophy help needed Using different fallacies twice

Using each fallacy twice, identify the fallacy in each of the following passages as either: A. Confirmation Bias B. Availability Error C. Genetic Fallacy D. Composition Fallacy E. Division Fallacy F. Appeal to the Person G. Equivocation Fallacy H. Appeal to Popularity I. Appeal to Tradition J. Appeal to Ignorance K. Appeal to Emotion L. Red Herring Fallacy M. Straw Man Fallacy N. Begging the Question O. False Dilemma P. Slippery Slope Q. Hasty Generalization R. Faulty AnalogyNobody has ever been able to prove that space aliens have not landed on Earth. So, it’s obvious from this that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that space aliens have indeed landed on Earth.

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