Philosophy Written Case Analysis 3 homework help

Must be at least 250 words..Identify the moral issue(s) and the parties involved; identify what universalizable moral duties are at stake; identify how the principle of respect for persons applies to the case. Must be in your own words, also there is a grading rubric to follow..Please follow the grading rubric below when writing.

A man and a woman, both college students, have been living together off campus for three years. They have never considered marrying, and it has always been implicit in their relationship that each should be free to leave the other any time he or she wishes. Unexpectedly, the woman becomes pregnant. Because she is opposed to abortion, she resigns herself to having the child. When she is seven months pregnant, the man decides to leave her. One day when she is out shopping for groceries, he gathers his belongings, scribbles a hasty note(”Our relationship was beautiful while it lasted, but it’s over”), and leaves. DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN’T FALL WITHIN PRICE RANGE

PHI210RS_Mod2_Rubric (3).pdf

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